“Stonepad” is a palette for mixing and working with dental ceramics. Using the palette will allow you to maintain desired quality of the ceramic material over a very long period of time. Your ceramics will retain the necessary moisture for days and you could focus on your creativity without being interrupted. Saving the time and materials, and improvements in the quality of layering  is very important.
“Stonepad” palette is an eternal product, made of marble. Has a perfect design, and sculptural shape.

Stonepad was created in order to enable long-term undisturbed work with dental ceramics.

Reflecting on natural phenomena such as the climate and the different dryness and humidity of the environment in which we work, I came to the idea that it is only right to choose a natural material in response to a natural phenomenon!

Stonepad allows you to have, for hours, a uniform, identical humidity and viscosity of all the ceramic materials with which you work. This fact will, already during your first work, relieve and delight you – and it will also exacerbate your creativity.

Stonepad is useable in all climate zones of our beautiful planet.

Enjoy creativity!

Dejan Risteski

Same viscosity even few days after the mixing